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Landscapers and other various lawn care businesses are often exposed to risks that can lead to accidents and financial loss. Landscaping insurance can protect your business from the potentially devastating effects that can result from those risks.

 Our team of licensed agents can help you secure coverage that fits your individual business needs.

Landscaping Insurance Cost

Many factors go into calculating your landscaping and lawn care insurance cost including your exposure and coverage needs. For example, a landscaping business that strictly does mowing and edging will pay a different premium than a landscaping business specializing in hardscapes.

Basic landscaping and lawn care insurance:

General Liability: This is the most common form of landscaping liability insurance. It covers instances of bodily injury, property damage and other liabilities for which your business is responsible. Certain clients might consider this coverage a prerequisite to working for them. EX: We had an insureds lawn mower shoot out rocks from a mower deck causing an accident and breaking windshields on multiple cars. The Liability coverage paid for all damages to all cars.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If you use your vehicle to transport work supplies such as mowers, fertilizer and tools, you’ll likely need a commercial auto policy. Standard auto policies typically have coverage limitations or restrictions for vehicles used for work. We insure many vehicles common to landscapers including dump trucks, pick-ups, and utility trailers.

Business Owners Policy (BOP): Combines General Liability and coverage for commercial buildings and personal property into one package.

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Tools and equipment specifics

Add an inland marine endorsement to your business liability insurance quote to protect your building materials and equipment. A licensed commercial agent may request details regarding:

  • The various types of building materials you use
  • Tools and equipment valued over $1,000
  • Portable computer equipment
  • Properly valuing your assets is crucial in case you’re involved in a claim. Listing expensive tools and equipment will likely require the make, model, and serial number specifications.

What is inland marine insurance?

Inland marine insurance is coverage that protects transportable goods on land and inland waterways. Transportable goods can include building materials, tools, and portable computer equipment like tablets and laptops.

For example, a landscaper may want to insure a lawn mower and other tools with an inland marine endorsement since this equipment is transported to various job sites. Likewise, a carpenter can insure cabinets and other building materials to be installed at a job site.

Claims history

When receiving a commercial insurance quote, be prepared to discuss your claims history, including:

  • Number of claims in the past 5 years
  • Date of claims
  • Amount paid to settle each claim
  • Any E&O or monetary demands
  • You may be able to request a copy of your claims history from your insurance company if you’re missing information.

Property details

When insuring your commercial property through a business owners policy (BOP), you’ll need to provide:

  • Age of building
  • Square footage
  • Building construction type
  • Building safety features
  • Other occupants

Mortgage company information

Details of both the construction and use of your building can influence the price of your commercial insurance quote. For example, a fire-resistant building with automatic sprinklers typically has lower exposure than a building lacking these features.

Additional insureds

An additional insured is a person, entity, city or corporation who is listed on an insurance policy and shares many of the same rights as the policy holder. For example, they may receive a copy of any notifications you receive about your policy, such as a cancel notice.

You may be required to list an additional insured on your small business insurance quote. Be prepared to provide each entity’s name and address. Four organizations that usually require being listed as an additional insured include:

  • Vendors who sell your products
  • Lessors for equipment you lease or rent
  • Lessor of space where you operate business

Scheduled contracts or organizations

An additional insured can be added any time during your policy period. However, having this information available when you quote can help notify all affected parties once your policy is active.

The nature of your business will ultimately determine what you’ll need for a small business insurance quote. Don’t worry if you don’t initially have all necessary information. We can securely save your profile until you’re able to provide any remaining details. Complete an online business insurance quote, or call us at Hostetler Insurance Group directly to speak with a licensed commercial agent.

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